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How to Know Your Furnace is in Trouble

Winter can be a very stressful time of year. Storms, ice, power outages, snow banks and many more problems we face in addition to just the biting cold. Your home should be your sanctuary from the outdoor elements offering you safety and warmth.

Winter also places enormous stress on your furnace. Its everyday usage combined with the length of its operation can cause problems to occur during the time it is needed the most. In order to keep your furnace reliable, you will need to be on the lookout for potential problems.

Furnace Repair Services in Orange County, CA

Strange Noises

As is the case when your car starts pinging or you can hear metal to metal when you apply the brakes, different or strange noises coming from your furnace may be signaling you that a problem is in the works. Different noises mean different potential problems. When your furnace kicks on and you hear a deep booming noise, it may be an indication that the furnace has a clogged burner assembly. Any type of a grinding sound could be telling you that the motor handling the air is overheating. Any sound or unusual noise is a signal to contact a repair company to be sure that the furnace is operating correctly and efficiently.

Furnace Repair Services in Orange County, CA

Short Cycling

When your furnace comes on and off every few moments, it is called short cycling. Short cycling is caused when heat is trapped inside the furnace causing it to overheat, and then it shuts down. As it cools off, it will start up again until the heat inside causes it to again shut down. This creates a significant pull on the furnace and will increase its wear and tear. Ultimately it could shorten the overall lifespan of the furnace.

Higher Bills

Keep an eye on your utility bills. Any significant increase in heating costs can mean that there is a problem or that repairs are needed to your furnace. This is the fallback tell-tale sign when there is no noise present, and your furnace seems to operating effectively.

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